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The Best Salsa Tips

You’ll find many people willing to share their favorite salsa tips. Some are helpful; some are not. Or, maybe a salsa or bachata tip is “good” because it comes at the right time for your own personal journey. Whatever the case, I’m going to share a few of my own, plus a few others I’ve heard from people.

  • Count – Count. Count. Count. Always count. If you just want to “feel the music”, fine. Feel it all you want. Touch it. Stoke it. Make love to it. I don’t care. Just make sure you’re moving to the counts as you do it.
  • Learn the basic instruments and rhythms – This is a great tip for understand how to dance salsa or bachata. Lookup The Salsa Beat Machine or the Salsa Rhythms iPhone app. They’ll help you understand how to listen to the music and how/when to move to it.
  • Pay attention to your partner – This is very important. You’re never too good or too bad to ignore your partner. Don’t throw them around. Don’t get lost in your own dancing. If you want to make friends, pay attention to your partner.
  • Groom yourself – Brush your teeth. Chew gum. Wear deodorant. Wash your hands. Take a sweat rag and/or a change of shirt if you need to. Just don’t be gross.
  • Learn connection – Aside from counting, this is how two people communicate on the dance floor. Connection is not easy to learn and understand, but it separates beginner and intermediate dancers from advanced ones.

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